5 Octrober 2008 / Second Part [6/7]

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale is the World Canine Organisation. It includes 84 members and contract partners.

Every year the association awards great dog shows to its affiliated members. One of these is the European Championship which this year was held in Budapest. This is one of the few events dedicated to pure breeds in which a title is awarded in a sole competition. About 15,000 dogs from around the world, 40/50000 exhibitors and professionals and over 100000 visitors have transformed this dog show into a Fair of great relevance, for a Pet market which is growing in Western Europe and is strongly expanding in Eastern Europe.

Most European kennels were present including also the Arab Emirates which deserves to be enshrined seeing the success of its participants this year.

This is an opportunity to present future nominations which in the next few years will bring this event and the world championships in other countries affiliated with the FCI.

For the first time Pet Mania TV will cover the European Dog Show and for the first time an event of such importance will have continental television coverage which will allow millions of fans to watch such an important event which a significant number of attendances.

A complete report of what happened in the Event’s main ring that brought to the selection of Best in show.